Feb. 19 Newsletter

Meeting Date:  Feb. 14, 2023

Reporter:  Bob Murphy

Cap Willey spoke regarding the importance of Black History Month. Carter G. Woodson founded The Association For The Study Of African American History in 1915 and in 1926 chose a week in February coinciding with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass (Feb. 12 & 14) to honor this history.
As a result of the efforts of Black students and teachers at Kent State University, Black History Month was celebrated in February since 1970. In 1976, President Gerald Ford proclaimed February as Black History Month and all presidents since have continued the proclamation and the activities of this month are now done in many other countries.
When Woodson initiated Black History Week in 1926 he proclaimed that the study of this history was essential for the physical and intellectual survival of the Black community, stating “If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition - it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world and stands in danger of being exterminated.”   
Rev. Ralph Barlow, Margaret Kane and Sharon Garland.
President Steve Hug advised:
Feb.26 will be Rotary Night at the Providence Bruins game with proceeds going to the Rotary Polio program. May 20 will be the first Rotary Day Of Service with details to be announced.
The Marriott will soon start parking charges but as of now charges will not apply to Rotarians and guests.
May 15 is the deadline for applying for Rotary Peace Fellowships.
On March 2 the monthly board meeting will be held at 8 AM (in person & Zoom) at Steve’s office at 9 Pleasant St. (Pleasant & North Main) in Providence.
The tent suppers to benefit Ukraine are proceeding successfully. Contact Mary Brewster for details.
Randy  Dittmar advised that the bowling league is still in play.
Maury Ryan advised that the book club has reached its 20th Anniversary and is looking into introducing a Zoom component to its meetings so members can join from home.
Emily Bernstein was inducted as our newest club member. Emily grew up in Michigan and her father was a Rotarian and she was active in Rotary in high school. She came to RI 12 years ago and now lives with her husband in Warwick.
She has recently started a business focused on being an advocate for persons in regard to their medical bills. She has done volunteer work at Dorcas International where she met club member Mary Brewster.
Pete Brock - $5  for great Super Bowl watched with family and friends
Kris David - $2 for wonderful tent supper at Mike and Kathy Kelly’s and for connection with new member Emily Bernstein in that Kris and Emily’s parents are both graduates of Hope College in Michigan
Anthony Landi - for his daughter’s entry of two dresses she designed for possible award in Art Anchor Awards contest held at RI College on March 11
Jim Gilcreast - $2 for great tent supper at the Kelly’s and being happy that winning field goal in Super Bowl was kicked by Harrison Butker, a fellow Knight Of Columbus with Jim.
Anthony Hollingshead - $10 welcoming his guest Jane Berkowitz, who is interested in joining the club and our literacy committee, and looking forward to induction to club of Dave Hamel. Also very happy for good time at tent supper of Mary and Rob Brewster
Cap Willey - $2 for nice end to bad week in which he had back pain, tooth pulled and Roto Rooter to his house but tonight will attend PC - Creighton basketball game with his wife.
Don Saracen - $5 for great tent supper at Kelly’s and recalling attending Rotary Club meeting in San Diego 3 years ago which was attended by about 300 members of 500 member club.
Steve Hug - for a very nice time at tent supper hosted by Mary and Rob Brewster at which he learned Rob was a descendant of William Brewster    
Anthony J. Silva, retired Chief Of Police in Cumberland RI and now coordinator of the Impaired Driving Engagement Council to The RI Police Chiefs Association, spoke on the issue of Impaired Driving.
Chief Silva presented statistics regarding this issue.
  • Impaired driving is caused primarily by excessive alcohol consumption but also driving under the influence of drugs or while distracted.
  • 30 % of auto crashes in the US involve the influence of alcohol, but in RI the figure is 45%.
  • The main year of Covid, 2021, saw a 10% increase in fatal crashes despite fewer miles driven indicating a surge in drinking at home.
  • 87% of drivers wear seat belts and 60% of those dying in auto crashes did not use belts.
  • RI is one of two states not using sobriety check roadblocks - a tactic Chief Silva believes would reduce impaired driving crashes.
He then outlined several ways to combat the problem.
  • When going out in a group where there will be drinking designate the driver to not drink or use alternate transportation.
  • Contact police if you observe drunk driving.
  • When hosting a party limit alcohol consumption and plan a safe ride home for all guests.
Chief Silva pointed out the many negative effects of being cited for driving while intoxicated, including fines and court costs in addition to license suspension and increased auto insurance premiums.
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